We specialise in tech; therefore, we can give you a distinct perspective on recruiting in these areas. We support you with talents to help develop your technology, protect your technology and take it to market.


In-depth knowledge of the technology markets will be given to you by our consultants, who will also help you find talent that no one else can.


We will help you connect with professionals in these fields and use our networks to find untapped potential in tech.

Our Expertise

In terms of tech, we address all technological and non-technical needs. We cover all levels and functions (from in-house tech teams to remote projects). Our broad knowledge covers all industries. We are responsible for finding highly qualified PERMANENT and CONTRACT employees in the tech industry.

We help you find top talents in tech!

Solution for Tech Recruitment

Our strategy uses a group of specialised resources to offer a thorough understanding of the market, from real-time talent flows to the knowledge of current laws and market activity. We can assist you in long-term personnel development and hiring. We put in a lot of effort to give our clients the best opportunities on the market and the most creative talent solutions.

Contractor Package

A thorough compliance and payment framework is part of our contractor package. We've got you covered legally! Using our contractor package, your business may quickly and securely hire any contingent worker, regardless of source or classification. We have a team that supports and onboards contractors. Payroll and payment procedures are straightforward:

- Contractor payments and agent of record – We offer a contractor payment or agent of record service to real, incorporated, self-employed people.- Independent contractor compliance – for employees who assert they are independent contractors, our compliance service will verify their assertion, gather the pertinent supporting files and documentation, and offer ongoing tracking and reporting.